Equipment Servicing

Scheduled servicing of gas installations and equipment reduces disruption to the business from breakdowns and ensures optimum working conditions are attained, providing peak operating efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The importance of having a properly maintained energy system should not be underestimated. “If a system is properly maintained there are fewer unscheduled interruptions, less emissions produced, and an overall reduction in operating costs.”

Gas Engineering Services offers our clients a scheduled maintenance programme of LPG facilities, boilers, burners and equipment that is tailored to your individual needs. “We service everything from water heaters, commercial kitchens, industrial processing plants and bulk storage sites, to providing the maintenance to all On Gas South Island sites, Rockgas bulk facility and gas network maintenance and Genesis Energy gas network response.” The company specializes in the installation of gas fired equipment for hotels, motels, restaurants, commercial and industrial applications. The wide skill base within the company provides for a one stop shop for most installations. We welcome your enquiry.

With such a diverse client mix, the company prefers to work on individual schedules with clients, rather than set service contracts. “That way, our clients are only paying for the services they need, rather than a set annual fee.” The company’s highly qualified team can respond to emergencies such as gas leaks immediately, while plant breakdowns are attended within the hour. “We also provide a 24 hour emergency service for our commercial, industrial and service station clients.”

As well as maintenance and servicing, Gas Engineering Services uses the latest technology to design and install gas systems for commercial, industrial, Council and Government projects. We also carry out bulk tank installation and maintenance for most of the LPG retailers throughout the country.

A growing part of Gas Engineering Services business is the fitting of new “condensing” boiler systems that are returning efficiencies of up to 95%, compared to the 85% being achieved by most standard boilers. There are condensing boilers to fit the smallest domestic dwelling, through to the largest commercial or industrial operation, while condensing systems can also be retrofitted to many existing boiler systems.

The importance of correct maintenance on all gas burning equipment should be regarded as a clever strategic move by business owners and managers. It will surely lead to less interruptions and overall running costs.

Gas Engineering Services
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Servicing of High School gas fired equipment from boilers to science labs and cooking equipment. Scheduled regular maintenance of this equipment will ensure it is safe for your pupils to use and provide them with usable equipment to meet their learning needs.